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Make your advertising a feast for the senses – blow the viewer’s mind!

Selective use of finishes and special effects can open up a world of unimagined possibilities, turning print products into unusual highlights. Subtle or powerful, special coatings are the perfect way to frame and enhance your products in a way that reflects your image. Let us help you add a unique twist to your message. Have you thought about combining different printing and finishing techniques, for example? It may sound challenging, but this is one of our greatest strengths.

We produce high-quality finished products with a unique look: label rolls, lenticular products, folded boxes, backlits, window stickers, mailshots, floor stickers, shelf advertising materials and much more. Let our options inspire you!


We use special coatings and embossing tools to add a haptic twist to our print products.


Relief coatings

Applied in our screen printing line using a coarse fabric. Thanks to its high viscosity, this coating spreads across the product like a plastic surface. It offers a great alternative to embossing since it does not affect the back of the material.



This is also applied in our screen printing line using a coarse fabric. The surface tension that results as the coating dries causes it to pull together like a raindrop. It’s an incredibly haptic and realistic effect.



Patterns shapes and writing are pressed deep into the product or raised up from it. Especially stylish when combined with other finishes.

Coating plus.

Some coatings are enriched with special substances for a more powerful effect: oils, sand, glitter, ...

These additives speak to the senses and arouse the recipient’s curiosity, turning your print product into a collector’s item.


Textured coatings

Can contain a variety of particles that create individual texture effects. This raised coating has both a visual and a haptic effect, and is perfect for simulating specific surfaces such as wood and fabrics.

This extremely haptic coating absorbs light, thus creating a matt surface.


Soft-touch coatings

As the name suggests, soft-touch coatings are soft and silky to the touch. When used in partial printing, as shown above, they create an extremely matt effect. This gives the recipient a haptic experience and establishes a bond between them and the finished element.


Glitter coatings

A coating with glitter mixed into it. The glitter particles are available in a variety of colours – gold, silver, green ... – and offer different levels of reflectiveness depending on the size and quantity used.


Iriodin coatings

A coating with pearlescent pigments mixed into it. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed, it shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow. This coating is often used in the packaging industry to add a touch of glamour at the POS.


Scented coatings

Scented coatings are enriched with a microencapsulated essential oil. Stroke your hand gently across the coated surface and tiny capsules open to release their scent. You can repeat this effect as often as you like.

A wide range of scents are available: fruity, flowery, cosmetic, industrial ... You can even ask for a custom scent based on your own recipe. We’ll be happy to help you make the best choice for your needs and to send you any scent samples you’d like.


Sand coatings

A coating enriched with fine sand. This is applied through a fine fabric using our screen printing process. It is the perfect coating for anyone who wants to add a rough texture to their print products to make them feel real.


For protection, as a decorative element or to achieve particular surface characteristics, we can offer you a wide range of special coatings for a variety of purposes.


Drip-off coatings

Drip-off coating is an in-line finishing process that can be used to create effective matt/gloss contrasts. This is done by combining different coatings and their chemical separation properties.


High-gloss UV coatings

A simple finish that offers effective protection. A fast, uncomplicated way of finishing your printed product, especially when combined with a matt coating.


UV spot coatings

Enhance specific areas of your print product with this coating, or use it as a design element. Creates a thicker layer than a high-gloss coating. Only relief coatings are thicker.


Matt UV coatings

Use alone to protect your print products or combine with high-gloss coatings for great visual effects.


Thanks to our UV technology, we can print on any kind of material: haptic papers for a natural character, plastics for durable use, or metallic materials for glossy effects.


Metallic papers

Metallic surfaces add an extra touch of class to your products. Our colours are glazed to create a wide range of metallic tones. Any areas you do not want to be metallised are printed white before the process begins.



Lenticular products bring printed graphics to life – almost literally. They can be used to lend them a 3D look, to add motion to individual elements, or to display alternating images to the viewer.

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